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Push Notification Settings

You can enable push notifications to alert you to any updates for a tournament you are entered in. This includes notification of the tournament starting, new matches being decided, and more. ## How to Link an App To receive push notifications from a mobile app. 1. First, download the app from which you wish to receive push notifications. 2. Login to the app. 3. [Login to Tonamel.]( 4. Click your icon at the top of the page. 5. Click the [⚙] symbol to the right of your account name. 6. Click the "Push Notification" tab. 7. Click "Link" on the right of the app you wish to link. 8. The linking page will appear, so link the account for the app you've logged into previously. ## In Case Linking Fails - If using a browser other than the default browser on your mobile device, an error may occur when you switch to the LINE app, causing linking to fail. In this case, please try again from your device's main browser. ## When No Push Notifications Come Through - Please confirm that the app you have linked is installed on your device. - Please confirm that push notifications are enabled for the app. - Please confirm that you are logged into the same account on the app that you linked with Tonamel.