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Push Notification Settings

You can receive push notifications like starting of a tournament or fixing of your match card from a linked app. ## How to Link the app To receive push notifications from the app; 1. First, download the app which you want to receive push notifications from. 2. Login to the app. 3. [Login to Tonamel.]( 4. Click your icon at the top of the page. 5. Click [⚙] in the right of [name of your account]. 6. Click “Push Notification” tab. 7. Click “Link” in the right of the app that you want to link. 8. The page for linking will open so link with the account that you have used to login to the app. ## In Case the Linking Fails - If you are logging in to Tonamel with a browser other than your default browser in the device, an error may occur when you transit to LINE, and the linking may not be accomplished. In that case, please log in again using your default browser and try the link settings again. ## When No Push Notification Come Through - Please check that you have already downloaded the app of the service you have linked with from App Store or Google Play. - Please check that the notification settings for the app is ON. - Please check that you are logging in to the app with the same account you have linked inside Tonamel.