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About Sponsorships

You can support a tournament by becoming a sponsor and making a pledge. As a sponsor, your name or chosen image will be displayed on the tournament page. ## Tournament Page Layout - Sponsors All sponsors are listed at the bottom of the tournament page. The size and display order of the sponsors is determined by the organizer. ![](/assets/figures/help/en/sponsor-section.png) When applying to sponsor a tournament, you will be able to upload an image to be displayed. If no image is uploaded, your sponsor name will be displayed instead. An organizer is also able to assign VIP status to sponsors of their choosing. VIP sponsors will be displayed at both the top and bottom of the tournament page. If multiple sponsors are given VIP status, the display at the top of the page will rotate through them. ![](/assets/figures/help/en/sponsor-pictures.png) ## Push Notification Settings You can opt-in to receive various push notifications after submitting your sponsorship application. To learn how to set up push notifications, please refer to the [Push Notification Settings](/help/setting-push-notifications) page. ## Sponsor Restrictions If you cancel your sponsorship application before the organizer approves it, you can apply to sponsor the tournament again. However, you cannot reapply to become a sponsor if either you or the organizer cancels your sponsorship after your application has been approved.