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Canceling Entries & Refunds

## For Advance Payment When an entry is canceled, you can choose to refund the entry fee. You can also cancel an entry without issuing a refund. In this case, you can choose to refund the entry fee to the participant at a later date. Entry fees can be refunded up until the organizer makes the bank transfer. Entry fees that have already been transferred cannot be refunded. 1. While logged in, access []( 2. Select a tournament. 3. Click [Participants] in the menu. 4. Click on the participant you wish to refund from the list of participants. 5. Check Refund in the Payment Status column of the participant's information. 6. Click Save Changes. ## Regarding Same-Day Payment Since we do not use Stripe, Tonamel cannot process refunds. All payments and refunds are the responsibility of the organizer.