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About Tonamel

Tonamel is a tournament organization platform that anyone can use to host a tournament. Tonamel was created with the concept of "Making Tournaments Easier" in mind. Tonamel helps facilitate every part of a tournament from recruiting players to managing a tournament's progress. ## Creating a Tournament Page Tournaments can be created by simply entering the necessary information (rules, schedules etc.) into the forms prepared. Past tournaments can also be copied and edited to make future tournaments even easier. ## Create a Tournament Bracket with One Button Tournament brackets can be automatically generated with one button after entry and check-in of the participants is complete. Brackets can be shuffled for randomized brackets, or players can manually be seated by the organizer. ## Comprehensive Tournament Management Dashboard The tournament management page allows organizers to easily identify any patches with problems such as conflicts, absences, or lack of result reporting. Match outcomes can also be easily changed to correct for any mistakes. ## Live Tournament Brackets The brackets in Tonamel are automatically updated with the results of every match. Both organizers and participants can easily see the latest tournament status. --- In addition to the above features, some game titles support special functions such as "BAN PICK," commonly used in some games' tournament rules.