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About Tonamel

A tournament platform that anyone can use to host a tournament based on the concept of "Making tournaments easier." From the recruitment of participants to the progress of the tournament, you can manage smoothly. ## Creating a tournament page The tournament page is completed by simply entering necessary information such as rules and schedules into the form. From the second time onwards, it is also possible to copy and create information about tournaments created in the past. ## Create tournament table with one button The tournament table can be automatically generated with one button after the entry and check-in of the participants are closed. In addition, the combination of tournament tables can be changed as desired. ## Operation screen that shows progress at a glance So that you can immediately spot the problematic match. If there is a problem such as absence of an opponent or incorrect victory report, the organizer can change the win / loss change. ## LIVE updated tournament table The tournament table is updated in real time as the game progresses. Organizers and participants can always see the latest tournament charts and opponents. --- In addition to these functions, it is also possible to use special functions prepared for some titles, such as the "BAN designation function" that supports the BAN rules often used as tournament rules.