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Changing Sponsor Display and Information

The order in which sponsors are displayed, their size, and information can be changed from the View Sponsors page. Follow the steps below to access the View Sponsors page. 1. While logged in, access []( 2. Select a tournament. 3. Click "Sponsors" in the menu. 4. Click "View Sponsors". ## Sponsor Display Order and Size Sponsors will appear on the tournament page in the order they appear on the View Sponsors page. Sponsors are listed in order of their display size, starting with large, then medium, and finally small. For each display size, sponsors will be displayed in the order you assign on the View Sponsors page. 1. To change the order in which a sponsor appears, click and hold the sort icon next to the sponsor's name. 2. Drag it to your desired position or display size. ![](/assets/figures/help/en/sponsor-drag.png) ## Changing Sponsor Information After an application is approved, only leaders can change the sponsor's information. The following information can be changed. - Sponsor Name - Image - URL Other information cannot be changed. The procedure for changing sponsor information is as follows. 1. Click on the sponsor whose information you would like to change. 2. Update the information and click "Save changes". The sponsor will be notified of any changes made. ## Adding Sponsors Manually Besides accepting sponsorship applications, it is also possible to add sponsors manually. Manually-added sponsors will be displayed on the tournament page in the same way as sponsors who submitted applications. No pledge is made if an organizer chooses to add a sponsor manually. Follow the procedure below to add a sponsor manually. 1. Click "Add Sponsor". 2. Input the sponsor's name and necessary information, and then click "Add".