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Accepting Sponsors

You can accept sponsors from the Sponsor Settings page. Only the leader of the host organization can accept sponsors and change sponsor settings. Sponsors are accepted for an individual tournament. 1. While logged in, access []( 2. Select a tournament. 3. Click "Sponsors" in the menu. After opening the Sponsor Settings tab, follow the steps below to start accepting sponsors. 1. Set a sponsorship recipient. 2. Set the pledge amount. 3. Click "Open for Sponsorship". ## Setting a Sponsorship Recipient You will need to set up an account to send pledges to. Pledges are accepted through an external service called Stripe. 1. Choose the payment service you wish to use and click "Link". 2. You will be redirected to an external site where you can enter your account information. 3. After you have finished entering your information, you will be returned to the Tonamel website. Once you have linked a Stripe account, you cannot remove it. When you return to the Tonamel website after setting up your account, "Under Review" may appear next to the linked service. **Linked** will be displayed next to the service after the payment service has confirmed your account. This process may take some time. Currently, sponsorship recipient is required to have a Japanese bank account. Becoming a sponsor is possible from any country. ### Example of Stripe Link <a href="/assets/figures/help/en/sponsor-stripe-flow.png" target="_blank"><img src="/assets/figures/help/en/sponsor-stripe-flow.png" alt="" /></a> ## Pledge Settings It is possible to set different Sponsorship Tiers. 1. Click "Add Sponsorship Tier". 2. When the "Add Sponsorship Tier" box opens, set up the following. - Amount - Pledge Name - Select Image - Message to Sponsors 3. Click [Add]. You can edit a pledge tier at any time. You can delete or copy a pledge by clicking [**・・・**] on the right side of the pledge card. The handling fee is included in the pledge you set. Click [here](/help/receiving-sponsorship-tier) to read more about the handling fee. ![](/assets/figures/help/en/sponsor-menu.png) ## Pausing Sponsorship You can stop accepting sponsors at any time. 1. Click "Pause Sponsorship". When you stop accepting sponsors, the "Sponsor" button will be hidden on the tournament page, and it will not be possible for others to apply to become a sponsor. Current sponsors and sponsorship applications will not be affected. Pledges already paid will also be unaffected.