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Limit the type of responses to items to be entered at the time of entry.

If the items that participants answer when entering a tournament are free-form, regular expressions can be used to restrict the responses.

How to use

  1. Access while logged in.
  2. Select a tournament.
  3. In the entry section of the tournament information, click on the [・・・] button to the right of the entry item you wish to restrict responses to.
  4. Click [Limited Response].
  5. Fill in the regular expression on the [Limited Response] form that appears on the items participants are asked to answer at the time of entry.
  6. Click [Create the Event] or [Save Changes] in the page footer.

Main Patterns Available

     : Copy the strings directly into the regular expression form for the items you wish to restrict responses to on the tournament creation page, or rewrite parts of them depending on what you wish to restrict.

  • Numerals only
  • 10 digits only
  • 8-10 digits only
  • 7 single-byte alphanumeric characters
  • Alphabetic characters only
    Sample Answer: Tonamel
  • String starting with abc
    Sample Answer: abcTONAMEL!
  • Non-numeric character string
    Sample Answer: Tonamel!
  • URL forward match
    Sample Answer:
    • The red text corresponds to the URL.
    • When rewriting a different URL, please put \ before any of the following characters if it contains any of the following characters.
      E.g.: \?
  • Twitter account name with @.
    Sample Answer: @TonamelJP
  • Twitter account URL
    Sample Answer:
  • Discord username and Discord tag
    Sample Answer: Tonamel#1234
  • E-mail address
    Sample Answer: hoge@tonamel.fuga