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QR Check-in at Offline Tournaments

When creating a tournament, you can use QR Check-in by setting the tournament format to Offline Tournament. QR-check-in is a function that lets the organizer check participants in by scanning the QR code on the participants' check-in screens ## Check-in Method: ### Participant Procedure: 1. While logged in, access the tournament page for the tournament you wish to check into. 2. From the tournament page, click [**QR Check-in**]. 3. Show the QR code to the host and ask them to you check in. ### Organizer: 1. Log into an account with organizer privileges for the tournament. 2. Open any camera app that can scan QR codes. 3. Scan the participant's QR code. 4. If check-in is possible, the participant's information will be displayed. If no issues are detected, check the contents of and click [**Check-in**]. \* QR code is a registered trademark of Denso Wave Incorporated.