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QR Check-in at Offline Tournaments

When creating a tournament, you can use QR Check-in by setting the tournament format to Offline Tournament. QR-check-in is a function that lets the organizer check participants in by scanning the QR code on the participants' check-in screens ## Check-in Method ### Participant Procedure 1. While logged in, access the tournament page for the tournament you wish to check into. 2. From the tournament page, click [**QR Check-in**]. 3. Show the QR code to the host and ask them to you check in. ### Organizer 1. Log into an account with organizer privileges for the tournament. 2. Open any camera app that can scan QR codes. 3. Scan the participant's QR code. 4. If check-in is possible, the participant's information will be displayed. If no issues are detected, check the contents of and click [**Check-in**]. \* QR code is a registered trademark of Denso Wave Incorporated.