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How to participate in the competition

In order to participate in tournaments on Tonamel, you need an account. Please [Sign up / Login](/help/signup-login) before using the site. To participate in a tournament, you need to do the following. - Entry to the tournament - Check-in (for tournaments with check-in) ## Entry to the tournament An entry is required to participate in the tournament. [The contents entered at the time of entry can be changed later before the tournament starts.](/help/edit-entry) 1. While [logged in](/help/signup-login), access the tournament page of the tournament you want to participate in. 2. Click [**Entry**] within the entry period. ![Entry](/assets/figures/help/en/how-to-entry.png) 3. Enter your entry details and click [**Entry to Tournament**]. ## check-in Check-in is performed to confirm the final intention to participate in the tournament, and participation in the tournament is a function that is confirmed by checking in. Check-in is required for tournaments whose check-in period is indicated on the tournament page. Please note that if you do not check in, you will not be able to participate in the tournament. ### For online tournaments 1. Access the tournament page of the tournament you entered with [Login](/help/signup-login). 2. Click [**Check-in**] during the check-in period. ![Check In](/assets/figures/help/en/how-to-checkin.png) ### Offline tournament 1. Access the tournament page of the tournament you entered while logged in. 2. Click [**QR Check-in**] during the check-in period. ![QR check-in](/assets/figures/help/en/qr-checkin.png) 3. Have the receptionist at the tournament or the organizer read the QR code. ![QR code](/assets/figures/help/en/qrcode.png)