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Organize an Event Without Participant Accounts

## Organize an Event Without Participant Accounts Using the guest player function, a tournament can be run with players who haven't registered a Tonamel account. ## Differences Between Regular Participants and Guest Players Guest players cannot log in, as they are special participants added by the organizer. As they are special participants added by the organizer, guest players cannot login and have reduced access to some funcitonality. During the tournament, the organizer reports results on behalf of all guest players. Guest players cannot chat in match cards. Tournaments using guest players are not eligible for certified tournament support. ## Adding a Guest Player Oragnizers can add guest players up to the maximum number of participants allowed in a tournament. Guest players can be added after the tournament is created and before the bracket is finalized. Tournaments can be held exclusively with guest players, or with a mix of guest and regular players. 1. Create a tournament. 2. Click [Participants] in the menu. 3. Click [Add Guest Player]. 4. Enter the number of guest players you want to add. 5. Click [Add]. ## Change guest player entry information Guest players can [change entry information](/help/verify-participants) of a participant in the same way as that of a regular participant. ## Canceling a Guest Player's Entry Guest player [entry can be cancelled](/help/verify-participants) in the same way as regular participants.