Tonamel is designed to help tournament organizers with every step of managing their event. This page will walk you through some of the unique features Tonamel offers to improve your tournament organization experience!

Create New Tournaments in No Time!

Follow our setup guidelines to quickly make a new tournament or easily copy the settings from previous tournaments you’ve organized.

Entry Form Freedom

You have total freedom to add any entry forms you desire. From team names to in-game identifiers, to a player’s favorite character, you have complete creative freedom!

One-Click Tournament Brackets

Quickly seed your bracket with one click, and then feel free to set up matches as you like! Tournament standings are updated in real-time as players report their results, so you’ll always be up to date on your matches.

Effortlessly Manage Your Tournament

Once the tournament begins, the bracket will automatically update in real time, simplifying the process of managing the event. Any conflicts or absences will automatically be brought to your attention, so you can easily work out problems for a smooth tournament experience.

Other Features

  • Custom Victory Conditions

    Unique victory conditions can be set based on the rules of the tournament, such as specifying that the top 3 rounds are “First to 3”, while other rounds are only “First to 2.”

  • Tournament Results Display

    When the tournament is over, the 3 highest placing entrants will be displayed on the main tournament page for everyone to see.

  • List of Participants

    You can see who has registered leading up to an event and who has successfully checked in before the event begins.

  • BAN Pick Function

    Special rules for Ban pick/drafting can be implemented to add further diversity to game modes.Available for some games.

  • Character Selection

    You can choose to have players lock into specific characters at registration time. The number of characters to pick can be set freely.Available for some games.

  • Prizes

    Prizes can be offered for placings in tournaments, depending on the game.

  • Smartphone Compatible

    You can manage your tournament on your mobile device, just as you would on the desktop version of the website.

  • Chat

    Tonamel instantly sets up combatants with a chat room to easily communicate with one another and the organizers in case of any conflicts.

  • QR Check-In

    Speed up check-in for offline events using QR codes automatically incorporated into the bracket.

  • Guest Player

    Organizers can create guest entries for players that don't have a Tonamel account but want to participate.

  • Privacy Settings

    Tournaments can be made available to a limited number of people through link sharing, or privatized until ready to be published.

  • Push Notifications

    You can opt-in to receive push notifications related to your activities as an organizer, participant, etc.

  • Entry Fee

    You can set an entry fee that participants must pay to join the tournament. Payment can be done through credit card and other means.

  • Sponsors

    You can receive monetary support for your tournament by accepting sponsorships.

  • Seeding

    Strong participants are placed in the tournament bracket in a way so that they will not play each other in the early rounds.

  • Increased Participant Limit


    You can increase the maximum number of participants from 256 to 1024 to attract more participants and hold a larger tournament.

  • Participation Lottery


    In the event more people want to participate than allowed for an event, a lottery can be held to select the participants allowed to join. A waitlist is also available in case of no-shows.

  • Block Battle


    A tournament can be divided into multiple blocks. This can be used to pick a top 8 out of a large group of participants.

  • Visual Customization


    You can customize your tournament page with a custom background to add a personal touch to your tournaments.

  • Batch Add Guests


    Guests can be added in batches via CSV upload on the participant list page. The guests' entry names, questions, and answers can be registered in the CSV.

  • Link Guests


    Participants will be able to report the match result as a guest. Their matchup card will also be highlighted and the link will be displayed.

  • Download all event information


    Information of all created events can be downloaded as CSV from the organization's Event List Page. In addition to items entered in event creation page, number of entrants, number of participants on the day of the events, etc., each host organization can add its own items to the CSV file.

  • Sort and Filter Event List


    The events displayed on the event list page of the sponsoring organization can be filtered and sorted according to the specified criteria.

  • Download Calendar PDF


    Event information in calendar format can be downloaded as PDF file.

  • Copy and create events


    You can copy events created in the past and create a batch of events up to six months in the future with the set repetition conditions.

  • Output Report


    Multiple organizations' event information can be downloaded as a batch in CSV format.

  • Create multiple tournaments


    You can create tournaments with 2 phases in a single event.

Limited feature is available by applying for an upgrade plan.

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