Tonamel is designed for organizers to easily organize a tournament from entry to the end of it.
Now, let us introduce the features from here!

Create Tournament pages in 0 time

Fill in the prepared form to complete the tournament page! You can copy the tournaments held in the past to get things done faster.

You Can Freely Create the Entry Form

Freely customize the entry form for the tournament! As well as the player names in the game, you can also ask team members to join together, decks to use or maybe their favorite characters!

One-Click Tournament Brackets

You can automatically generate a tournament bracket with one click and edit it freely. The tournament table you created will be updated in real time as the game progresses, so you can always check the latest tournament status. You no longer need a paper tournament chart.

Check Progress in Real Time

After the tournament starts, the tournament bracket will be updated in real time, so you can run the tournament smoothly by only watching the screen. You will immediately notice any absence of opponents and trouble between participants.

Other Features

  • Victory Conditions per Round

    For example, you can set the victory conditions according to the rules of the tournament, such as setting only the final match as three-wins-first.

  • Tournament Results Announcement

    At the end of the tournament, the top three players will be awarded on the tournament page.

  • List of Participants

    You can check participants by status, such as entry-registered or check-in. You can also view and edit the entry contents.

  • BAN Function

    You can add BAN specification rules. BAN pick will not be disclosed until both parties have finished choosing their BAN.Available for some games.

  • Character Selection

    At the time of entry, you can select the character to use in the tournament. You can freely set the number of characters to select.Available for some games.

  • Prize Offer

    In certain games, prizes will be offered for tournaments fulfilling certain conditions.

  • Smartphone Compatible

    You can create and manage tournaments on your smartphone as you would on the desktop version.

  • Chat

    Chat instantly with your opponents and organizers.

  • QR Check-In

    You can use the QR code for check-in at the offline tournament to smoothly accept the participation on the day of the tournament.

  • Guest Player

    Organizers can add participants and create a tournament chart without the participants registering for an account or entering the tournament.

  • Privacy Setting

    You can set up a limited public status that only the people who know the URL of the tournament can access, or a private status that only the organizer can access.

  • Push Notification

    You can opt-in to receive push notifications related to your activities as an organizer, participant, etc.

  • Participant Slot Boost


    You can increase the maximum number of participants from 256 to 1024 to attract more participants and hold the tournament.

  • Lucky Draw in Advance


    You can set & publish the winner, substitute, and loser for the tournament participation according to your choice in advance of the drawing.

  • Block Battle


    Single elimination tournaments can be divided into multiple blocks. This will give you the best 8 and more.

  • Visual Settings


    You can set a background image for the tournament.

  • Sponsors


    You can receive monetary support for your tournament by accepting sponsorship.

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