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Create tournament bracket

Before starting your tournament, make sure you have created it. To generate a bracket and [manage the tournament](/help/tutorial-for-organizing), use [**Tournament Table**] in the organizer menu. You have three operations you can perform while generating a tournament bracket. - Create tournament bracket - Manually place participants - Set victory conditions To create a bracket, the following conditions must be met. - For tournaments with check-in - Check-in period has expired. - There are 3 or more checked-in participants (or teams). - The tournament has not been canceled. - For tournaments without check-in - The entry period has expired. - There are three or more participants (or teams) entered. - The tournament has not been canceled. ## How to Create a Tournament Bracket 1. Access "[](" with [Login](/help/signup-login). 2. Select the tournament for which you want to create a bracket. 3. Click [**Bracket**] in the menu. ![Tournament Table Menu](/assets/figures/help/en/organize-menu-tournament.png) 4. Set the victory conditions for each round. You can set them individually as needed. 5. Set the winning points setting for Swiss tournaments. 6. Click [**Combination settings**]. 7. Swap opponents in the tournament bracket as needed. ![Individual replacement / shuffle](/assets/figures/help/en/exchange-shuffle.png) - Click [**Individual Replacement**] to replace individual combinations. - Click [**Shuffle**] to randomize all matchups. 8. Click [**Confirmation of the start of the tournament**]. - Please note that once the bracket has been finalized and the tournament started, the bracket cannot be modified. - Once the bracket has been finalized, let your participants know with an announcement. 9. Click [**Confirm and start the tournament**].