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Receiving Pledges

## Transfer Procedure There are two ways in which pledges can be transferred to a bank account. - Manual - Automatic ### Manual Pledges can be transferred manually if the below conditions are met. - 4 business days have passed since the approval of the sponsor. - The total amount pledged is more than 10,000 JPY. - The handling fee is included in the total pledged amount. - If the total pledged amount is less than 10,000 JPY, it will be handled via automatic transfer. The procedure for manually transferring pledges is as follows. 1. While logged in, access []( 2. Click on the "Sponsor" tab. 3. Click "Transfer". 4. When the dialogue box appears, confirm that the correct amount is displayed and click "Transfer". ![](/assets/figures/help/en/sponsor-tier.png) It may take a few days for the amount to appear in your account. ### Automatic Regardless of the total amount of the entry fees and pledges, the pledges will be automatically transferred to the registered account after 80 days from the date of sponsor approval. When automatic transfers are made, all pledges for which 30 days have passed since sponsor approval will also be transferred together. For example: A. 20,000 JPY pledge; application approved 2 business days prior. B. 1,000 JPY pledges from a sponsor which approval has passed for 30 days C. 8,000 JPY pledge; application approved 80 days prior. If you have accepted the above three pledges, C will be automatically transferred because 80 days have passed since the application was approved. At that time, B, which is more than 30 days from sponsor approval, will also be transferred at the same time. While A has a pledge of more than 10,000 JPY, the sponsorship fee has will not be transferred since 30 days have not passed since the sponsorship approval. If entry fees are also part of the amount available for transfer when the pledges were automatically transferred, they will be transferred at the same time as the pledges. ## Handling Fees Sponsors pay a certain amount of money, called a pledge. The pledge, minus handling fees, will be transferred to the bank account linked by the organizer. There are two main types of handling fees. - Platform fee - Transaction Fee ### Platform fee Once the organizer approves the sponsorship application, the pledge will be reflected in the sponsoring organization leader's Stripe balance. At that time, a 15% platform usage fee will be deducted from the pledge. ### Transaction Fee The transaction fee reflects the cost of the transfer to your bank account. A fee of 250 JPY will be charged for each transfer.