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Sponsorship Application

You can sponsor a tournament by applying to become a sponsor. Make sure to read through the [Being a Sponsor](/help/being-a-sponsor) information before applying. 1. [Login to Tonamel.]( 2. Go to the tournament page of the tournament you would like to sponsor. 3. Click "Become a sponsor". ![](/assets/figures/help/en/become-sponsor.png) 4. Select your sponsorship tier or enter how much you'd like to pledge. 5. Enter a sponsor name. 6. (Optional) Upload an image, enter a link to your website or social media, and add a message for the organizer. 7. When you have finished inputting all your details, click "Confirm". 8. After double-checking your information, click "Apply". 9. Enter your payment details. If no image is uploaded, your sponsor name will be displayed instead. If you add a link to your website or social media, a clickable button will be displayed in the bottom-right corner of the sponsor image. ![](/assets/figures/help/en/sponsor-name.png) If you upload an image, only the image will be displayed on the tournament page. Your sponsor name will not be displayed separately. ![](/assets/figures/help/en/sponsor-image.png) ## Sponsorship Pledge & Handling Fees The sponsorship pledge tiers are set by the tournament's organizer. You may be able to choose from a number of fixed sponsorship tiers, input your own pledge amount, or select either option. 15% will be deducted from your total pledge as a handling fee before the subsequent amount is transferred to the organizer. ## Sponsorship Approval Organizers are notified whenever someone applies to become a sponsor. An organizer will then have seven days to process the application. If your application is approved, your sponsor name or image will be displayed on the tournament page. If your application is rejected, or not approved within seven days, your payment of the pledged amount will be canceled.