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Cancel the confirmed battle result

It is possible to cancel a confirmed match result. Once canceled, the match cannot be undone, so check it carefully before executing. ## How to cancel 1. The detail screen of match which you want to cancel will be display. 2. Click [the cancel match]. 3. Click [Cancel] in the dialog. ## Cancelable match - Match result is approved with matches - Enter the result by organizer (including disqualification) \* if you cancel the tournament that has ended, tournament status will return to before the end,and the tournament will end once the final result has been confirmed. \* Make sure there are no reported matches for the parent to be canceled. \* If there is a reported match, you must first cancel the reported match in the parent direction. \* BYE matches, both players will not be canceled directly, but will be automatically reset by canceling the previous match on which they are based. ## Deleted due to cancellation If you anticipate that the following will be required for your operation, please make a copy before canceling. ### For single elimination, double elimination Undo match - Score - Disqualification information - BAN - Protest Undo target of the match - BAN - Chat ### For swiss Undo match - Score - Disqualification information - BAN - Protest