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Participating in Tournaments with Entry Fees

Some tournaments in Tonamel charge an entry fee. In tournaments with entry fees, you can enter the tournament by paying the fee. The available payment methods depend on the tournament. In the case of advance payment, the entry fee is paid at the time of entry. Same-day payments, meanwhile, are to be paid according to the organizer's instructions. 1. While logged in, access the tournament page of the tournament you want to participate in. 2. Click Entry within the entry period. 3. Enter your entry details and click Choose Entry Fee Payment Method. 4. Select an entry payment method and click Pay and Enter. 5. The entry fee will be paid according to the payment method. ## Priority Entry and Awaiting Cancellation In the event that the maximum number of entries has been exceeded, priority will be given to those who have paid the entry fee. Even if a participant who chooses same-day payment enters before the maximum number of entries is reached, if another participant chooses to pay in advance and completes payment of the entry fee, their entry will be given priority and the participant who chose same-day payment will be pushed down on the entry list. If the maximum number of entries is filled with participants who have paid in advance, you will be placed on a waiting list. If you are placed on the waiting list, you will need to pay the entry fee when a space becomes available. If everyone on the waiting list choose same-day payment, the first person on the waiting list will automatically receive the entry slot upon a cancellation. However, even if they are given an entry slot, where they have chosen same-day payment, if someone else chooses advance payment and pays first, they will be placed back on the waiting list. If you have chosen same-day payment and payment has been completed, another person will not be given priority even if they have chosen advance payment.