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Creating a tournament page

First, prepare your own tournament page. By publishing the tournament page, participants can report entries and results, and publish tournament tables. ## Create a new tournament 1. [Login to Tonamel.]( 2. Click your icon at the top of the page. ![Your icon](/assets/figures/help/en/account-avatar.png) 3. Click the organization that hosts the event. 4. Click [**New Tournament**]. 5. Select the game to be used in the tournament. The selection method is as follows. - Choose from popular games - Search and select from all games - Create tournament without selecting 6. Fill out the input form. 7. Click [**Publish**]. ## Copy past competitions 1. [Login to Tonamel.]( 2. Click your icon at the top of the page. 3. Click the organization that hosts the event. 4. Click [**New Tournament**]. 5. Select the game used in the tournament you want to copy. 6. Select the tournament you want to copy from the [**Please select**] of Copy Past Events at the top of the page. ![Copy past competitions](/assets/figures/help/en/copy-competition.png) ## About each form ### Conference summary | Item | Description | |---:|:---| | Cover image | If you do not set a cover image, the default image will be applied automatically.| | Tournament Title | Please enter the title of the tournament.| | Tournament Format | Select the format used for the tournament: Single Elimination or Swiss.| | Entry Period | It is the period for recruiting participants. Please set before the tournament start date and time.| | Scheduled tournament | Please enter the date when the tournament will be held.| | Tournament format | You can select online or offline tournament.| | check-in | You can decide whether to use the [**[Check In](/help/how-to-participate)**] function. Check-in allows you to choose how many minutes before the tournament starts.| | Qualifying caps | Create tournament tables for up to 256 players or 256 teams. In case of team battle, select [**Team**]. [Learn how to draw if you exceed the limit.](/help/drawing-method) | | Lottery Method | Please select a lottery method when there is an entry exceeding the entry limit. (Currently, only on a first-come, first-served basis or after check-in | | Tournament Details (optional) | Enter the rules and notes that you want to convey to participants. | | Public settings | You can limit who can access the tournament.| ### How to proceed | Item | Description | |---:|:---| | Items to be entered at entry | Items to be entered by participants when entering can be edited. The original [**entry name**] is required. The name can be changed. <br><br>Add up to 10 entry items by clicking [**Add question item**]. For example, you can use "Rank in the game", "Character to use", "Enthusiasm for participation", etc. You can specify "Required" or "Private answer" when you ask participants to enter. | | Character selection at entry (optional) | You can use the Hearthstone hero or Shadowverse leader selection function. Participants can choose when they enter. | | BAN function (optional) | When using the character selection function, the number of BANs can also be specified. Participants send BANs before the match starts, and when they ban each other, the contents of the BAN are disclosed. | | Results report | Please select whether to request the result report to the participants. You can choose from [**Organizers only**] and [**Organizers and participants**]. The [**Host only**] setting proceeds when the host inputs the results from the tournament table on the host screen. The [**Organizers and Participants**] setting allows participants to report results from the tournament page. The winner will report the result and the loser will approve and the tournament will proceed. The host can also edit the results from the tournament table on the host screen.| | Automatic approval | If the result report is set to [**Host and Participant**], the participant can report the result from the tournament page. <br>The winner will report the result and the loser will approve and finalize the result. If you turn on automatic approval, the loser will not approve the result report and can be confirmed automatically after 10 minutes. | ### Option | Item | Description | |---:|:---| | Contact information (optional) | You can specify the contact address for inquiries and communications about the tournament. For example, Twitter, Discord, Email. | | Live broadcast URL (optional) | For live broadcast, you can set the URL of the broadcast destination.| | Match screenshot (optional) | Set a sample screen that can be used as evidence of the match result. By setting an image, participants will be notified of where the screenshot was taken. | ## Tournament system Tonamel uses the following tournament format. - Single elimination - Swiss ### What is single elimination? Refers to the winning match. Losers are removed from the tournament and winners proceed to the next match. Repeat this, and the last winner will be the tournament winner. #### Features of single elimination - If you lose even once, you will be lost, so in games where luck is related to winning or losing, you may not be ranked as your ability. - Competition can be completed in a shorter time than Swiss, so the burden on the operator can be reduced. ### What is Swiss? It is not a winning match, but a match format in which all participants play a fixed number of matches. In the first round, the match is played in any combination, and in the second and subsequent rounds, those with similar achievements will play against each other. Repeat this to determine the ranking. #### Swiss Features - Participants can participate in the tournament to the end regardless of the outcome. - The time required for the tournament is often longer than single elimination, which increases the burden on the operator. - Complex calculations are required to determine the ranking. \* In Tonamel, the ranking of Swiss is calculated automatically!